ume group AFTER rehearsal

This is a series of portraits of every performer that participated in The Ume Group's 5-Year Anniversary NY Season. They were shot after rehearsals. 

After my first company rehearsal as an actor with The Ume Group for their piece called The Dream Dances, I was emotionally and physically decimated. This series of portraits is a sign of respect and gratitude to these actors. I was inspired by actor Anthony Sher. In his book The Year of the King, Sher talks about doing portrait sketches for all of his cast mates. I decided to add a word or group of words before I pressed the shutter on the camera. The words are:

-Solidify, harden, steel, rock

Being physically depleted allows a new quality of activation in the actors; their fatigues reveal new truths. I think the recovery is as gripping as the effort itself.

I am extremely thankful to have been given a chance to be both actor and photographer in this phenomenal project- to watch and to be watched. 

Images were printed on Kodak Super Endura matte paper and mounted on foam-board to display at the venue- The Irondale Center in Brooklyn, New York

Format- Digital

Kaitlin Kaufman

Word: speech

Clara Kundin

Word: protect

Miles Butler

Word: protect

Jennifer  Marinelli

Words: solidify, harden, steel, rock

Brantley Ivey

Word: soften

Byron Hagan

Word: speech

Julia Karis

Word: pacify

Edgar Eguia

Word: magic

Jorge Luna

Word: pacify

Karina Sindicich

Word: magic


Word: embrace

Jordan Rosin

Word: solidify, harden, steel, rock