AFTER the 2016 USA election

After the 2016 United States election results I felt I was thrown into a dark abyss of artistic oblivion. Pursuing art in the US has always been something reminiscent of a classic pigeonhole grid. In theory I’ve always understood what it is to package myself for the commercial market, but the reality of the matter is much more daunting and bleak than ever.

Even before the election I have always felt that my prospect to make a living as an artist in the United States has been overshadowed by a constant gloom of prejudices that murk around my potential. After the election I feel this issue was heightened tenfold. I now feel I am working in the dark more than ever.

Within this grim prospect I am pressed to create a space in which we can speak our truths as minorities.

I started capturing portraits a week after the 2016 election. The actors, stage managers, producers, makeup artists, dancers, writers, and filmmakers shown here all identify with a minority group that is underrepresented in our creative and collective consciousness. I spoke the words that have been on my mind since the election: hate, love, tolerance, immigration, deportation, racism, xenophobia, transsexual, fear, islamophobia, colonization, whitewashing, mourning, equality, women, violence, silence, homophobia- and captured the subjects' reactions.

I aim to create a space in which minority artists can be seen by those who oppress them. It's a space in which freedom is key and vulnerability is allowed. It's a place where our voices are heard through the collective power of an allegorical ensemble fueled by the torque of photography. I want to battle oppression with peace. As artists we are offering our most sincere choice to connect as human beings, our vulnerable truths in order to break free from patterns of oppression, rejection to multifacetedness, and "social standards."

Format- digital

Modesto Flako Jiménez. Actor, Writer, Poet. Word- immigration

Ugo Anyanwu. Actor. Word- racism

Mónica Delgado Lemos. Actor. Word- magic

Jordane J Christie. Actor. Word- a push

Pato Masera. Performer. Production Manager. Word- colonization

Francis Mateo. Actor. Poet. Word- tolerance

Raveena Gupta. Trader. Actor. Word- bisexual

Sharon Lam. Actor. Aerialist. Words- second class citizen

Andrea Aranguren. Actor. Word- hug

Julia Cavagna. Actor. Physical Playwright. Word- whitewashing

Sasha Dominy. Actor. Word- hate

Otto Luna. Actor. Filmmaker. Word- mourning

Julio Carrillo. Fashion Buyer. Stylist. Word- homophobia

Tania Del Pilar. Actor. Teacher. Word- hispanic

Rojo Robles. Filmmaker, Writer, Playwright, Actor. Word- love

Naren Weiss. Actor, Model, Playwright. Word- xenophobia

Bahar Beihaghi. Actor. Word- islamophobia

Drea Herrera. Immigrants' Rights Organizer, Slam Poet. Word- violence

Isuri Wijesundara. Performer, Creator, Advocate. Word- racism

Ally. Make-up Artist. Actor

Angel. Actor. Word- transexual

Frank De Julio. Actor. Words- being gay

Yokko. Movement Artist. Actor. Word- women

Aida Aminpour. Actor. Word- racism

Vane Terán. Photographer. Word- Standing Rock

Yaitza Rivera. Director. Actor. Word- silence

Efrén Sánchez. Movement Artist. Actor. Word- fear (costume )

Rui Dun. Actor, Director, Stage Manager. Word- colonization

Jorge Luna. Actor. Photographer. Word- deportation (self-portrait) (costume )