kbeauty is a blatant challenge to the general idea of beauty and how makeup affects or informs the audience.

Questions arise:

What is makeup and where is it supposed to be on a woman’s or a man’s face? What happens when it’s not where it’s supposed to be? Does it only serve “beauty” purposes when it’s positioned in the right place? What is it hiding? Is makeup armor? What are we trying to hide? Which “imperfections” are we covering? This leads to a thought process along the lines of: would those lips be kissed if lipstick is out of place or smudged? My eyes won’t cry because I just applied mascara. Do women need to wear makeup in order to look presentable? Are they socially accepted only when they’re wearing makeup? Would you think that a woman looks “tired” or "old" when she’s not wearing any makeup? Would you think she’s crazy if she’s wearing it “wrong?”

These photos challenge the system we live in. Our perception is emotionally charged, and we impose our own story based on our personal experience. If the bare components of makeup are usually present to enhance and create the illusion of perfection in a traditional shoot, what happens when these elements are slightly shifted on the “canvas?” How is the viewer provoked? What happens when there's a tiny little shift in that “established expected order”; when the contour of the face is violated?

Format- Digital