caborca AFTER Hamlet

Caborca After Shakespeare's Hamlet is a series made in collaboration with @caborcanyc theatre company. These portraits were shot after performances of their take on the play. For the series actors (and the director) were required to choose five words from any of their character's speeches in the play. I said these words out loud one at a time and captured their reactions. 

The aim of this portrait series is to quench my obsession with exertion and recuperation- a journey that speaks loads without having to push the performer/subject to the brink of falsehood. Being genuine is not a choice but an inevitability.

Costumes by @cafitch

Format- digital

Javierantonio- director

word- treason

Anne Gridley- Hamlet

word- rhapsody

Veraalba Santa- Ophelia

word- love

Laura Butler Rivera- The Ghost

word- winks

David Skeist- Polonius

word- wanton

Jorge Luna- Laertes

word- contagion. Shot by @keeliesheridan

Brooke Bell- Guildenstern, Cornelius, Marcellus, Osric

word- wholesome

Pedro Leopoldo- Rosencrantz, Voltemand, Bernardo, English Ambassador

word- airy

Jon Froehlich- Claudius

word- peevish

Tania Molina- Gertrude

word- protest